Artificial Intelligence

We use open source technologies to implement machine learning for your business, with a more affordable and sustainable approach.

Customer Management

Use our Artificial-Intelligence Scripts, to identify the needs of your customers easily and improve product recommendations, user satisfaction, problem identification, etc.

Data based Prediction

Identify the requirements of your website’s viewers from their purchase history, or profile information,
provide the best-matching recommendations, resources, links based on data from similar user activity.

Chat Bot

Provide faster response to customer queries and solve user’s problems using chat-bots that offer assistance through interactive messaging.

Data Verification

Detect genuine and duplicate information from user profiles, verify file uploads, rank users based on site activity, purchase history, etc.
Filter information from a huge set of data, as soon as they are updated.

Image Recognition

Setup a security system that verifies the image uploads by any user on the website.
Identify real or fake profile images.
Detect specific objects in images or video feeds.

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