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Computer Automation

We provide automation services for your daily interaction with computers

We create self-automated computer apps that can handle repeated human activity like automatic form entry, automated keyboard typing and mouse clicks, automated search for online leads, converting raw Excel files to system data, multi-screen software solution for repeated computer activity like button clicks, web search, form filling, etc.

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Automatic Typing
Auto Click

We create programs that can browse websites with automatic keyboard and mouse events

Excel files to Database
without Manual Typing

Our scripts can fill the forms in a computer by itself, by reading your data files

Auto Search
for Leads

Our programs can search for leads online, search websites, listings, etc. without human interaction

Automate Tasks
Repeated Activity

Use multiple cloud computers as replacement for repeated human-computer interactions

Online Applications

We specialize in customized online applications with exclusive features

We serve happy clients who have successful online applications for a wide range of services like online user management, inventory management, online data export, online report generation, online form entry, etc.

Online Management

We create online web services for user management, customer management, online forms, database management and other web applications

Web Apps & Services

Customized web apps like online file converters, meme creators, file editors, cloud file management, video streaming services, etc.

Mobile Apps

We create mobile apps for android and iOS platforms

We work on a wide variety of mobile app services like chatbot service, customer service, user management, e-shopping, e-books, product manuals, business promotion, etc.

Mobiles & Tablets

We create personal and business apps for mobiles and tablets in Android & iOS platforms

Mobile Business

Operate your business using app, serve customers through chatbots, sell products through apps

Website Design

We design all types of websites ranging from simple blogs to commercial shopping websites

You can customize everything to your requirements like user accounts, subscription services, portfolio, user forms, gallery, E-Commerce shopping carts, Wordpress themes, redesigning old websites, adding new features, etc.

Website Design

Websites with trendy designs, contact forms, animated content, user downloads, etc.


Sell products online, digital services, setup shopping carts, manage invoices, online payment gateways

Personal/Business Sites

User Subscription, advertisements, analytics, SEO, admin panel, wordpress, blogs, portfolio, gallery


Redesign old websites to responsive sites, add customized features to sites, updates and maintenance

Design & Animation

We design 2D, 3D and Animated media for all your business services

We offer product branding services like logo design, brochure design, flyers, banners, business card 3D models and digital branding products like social media setup, profile design, animated and infographic postings as per your requirements


We create business branding materials for printing and digital formats. Logo Design, Business Cards, Animated logos, 3D Product Models, etc.

Digital Arts

Digital art content for Social Media Promotion. Business Infographics, Animated posts, profile pictures, banners, etc.

All types of Web Services and Automation Applications

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Self-Operating programs
for repeated computer activity


Mobile Apps
Online Applications


Register new domain name,
design website, design logo


Logo Design, Business Card
Animation, 3D



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PHONE: 949-607-8706